Judgment of the Constitutional Court in regard to Judge Hlophe

FUL welcomes the judgment of the Constitutional Court which now finally puts to rest Judge Hlophe's attempts to challenge the orders issued by the Supreme Court of Appeal a year ago today.  We look forward to the speedy resumption by the Judicial Service Commission of the enquiry the SCA ordered it to conduct into the complaint of gross misconduct in that Judge Hlophe tried to influence the deliberations of the CC in criminal cases involving Mr Zuma. 

We also trust that the JSC will now see its way clear to deal with the separate complaint lodged by FUL arising from the scurrilous and unfounded allegations Judge Hlophe published concerning (then) Chief Justice Langa, Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke and the other justices of the CC who reported his conduct to the JSC. FUL maintains this behaviour was grossly improper and shows that Judge Hlophe is unfit to be a judge.

Judgment : Hlophe v Premier Western Cape In re Hlophe v FUL – Constitutional Court judgment (30 March 2012)