FUL condemns military coup in Myanmar


Freedom Under Law (FUL) wishes to support the attached statement issued by the Independent Lawyers’ Association of Myanmar (ILAM).

FUL, together with many around the world concerned for democracy and rule of law, condemns the military coup in Myanmar and the arbitrary detention and imprisonment of democratically elected government leaders. This attack on Myanmar’s democratic transition process must end. It must also serve to fortify the resolve of all those working towards a democratic Myanmar that recognition of equality and human rights for all the people of Myanmar, including its minorities, is the basis for any true democracy.

We know that South Africa’s transition to democracy and the principled courage of those like Nelson Mandela have long served to inspire Myanmar’s democracy activists. The beating heart of South Africa’s democracy is its Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees to all who call it home.

Download the ILAM statement here: