FUL disappointed in choice of Judge Hlophe to preside over Speaker appointment ceremony


The National Assembly is meeting to elect from among its ranks a new Speaker, a person of awesome responsibility in our multi-party democracy. Fittingly the Constitution provides that this solemn ceremony is to be presided over by the Chief Justice or another judge designated by the Chief Justice. 

The symbolic significance of the occasion is obvious, underscoring as it does both the power and responsiblilty of our country’s Legislature and the national unity and indivisibility of the Republic. It is therefore regrettable that of all the judges in the country who could have been designated to represent the judicial authority in performing this function, the designation has fallen on Judge John Hlophe. 

Freedom Under Law believes it speaks on behalf of all South Africans that hold the Rule of Law in high esteem when it expresses its profound disappointment at so inappropriate a choice.