How we work

Primarily, FUL uses litigation before the courts as its defining method of promoting and defending the rule of law and democracy across the region. The composition of its board – on which sit several prominent lawyers from across the region – affords it particular expertise and experience in this area. However, litigation is not the only distinguishing feature of its approach. FUL also undertakes trial observation across the region and seeks to coordinate informed debate of topical regional legal issues. Recognising the importance of the criminal justice system to the rule of law and the realisation of any number of rights, FUL has since its inception sought to make this a particular focus area, although it directs its efforts wherever it believes it may effectively address threats to the rule of law. It encourages the public and legal practitioners alike from across the region to make contact in the event that FUL can provide assistance.

FUL is registered as a non-profit company.