Chief Justice Sandile Ncgobo

Confused by the judicial crisis gripping South Africa? Not quite sure why Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo is stepping down? Here are the answers you’ve been seeking.

What exactly is the fuss about Chief Justice Sandile Ncgobo all about?

  • Pretty much everyone agrees that Ngcobo has been an excellent chief justice, and had rather liked the idea of him sticking around as the head of the Constitutional Court — despite his term as a ConCourt judge ending on August 15. Especially President Jacob Zuma, who was so keen on the idea that he went ahead and extended Ngcobo’s term. Just like that.
  • This put a few noses out of joint, and a group of NGOs said that according to the Constitution it was up to Parliament to keep Ngcobo in the job, not the president. They decided to challenge the decision in the Constitutional Court.
  • So, although Chief Justice Sandile Ncgobo is extremely respected by all political parties and the legal fraternity, he was suddenly the subject of a case in his very own court.

President Jacob Zuma has nominated Constitutional Court judge Mogoeng Mogoeng as the new Chief Justice. For more news on the controversy surrounding the appointment and for more information on Chief Justice Sandile Ncgobo, click here.